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Ultimate Coolidor


I might as well start off the coolidor blog with a BANG and show off the most “over the top” igloodor that I have ever looked at.

This Homemade humidor was made by Arlin Liss.  If you don’t know Arlin, he is one of the internets finest custom humidor makers

This Coolidor was made from a 150 quart Igloo.  If you notice from the pictures, the Igloo has slots that are built into the sides of the coolidor. These slots are for plastic food dividers, but we use these slots as a handy way to create shelves for our coolidor.  Just stand your igloodor up, and these slots are perfect for creating a shelf system in your homemade humidor.

Speaking of shelves, you can use spanish cedar planks, or wire storage shelves.  The slots will work with either.

Arlin completely lined the igloodor with spanish cedar.  Arlin has a complete woodworking shop, so it was easy for him to do.

In this homemade humidor, Arlin used very high end, electronic humidification to provice humidification for the cigars.  This is the same humidification that he uses for his beautiful cigar cabinet humidors.  You can see the custom humidity canister, and the humidity sensor that he custom made for this BIG coolidor.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post in the comments section.

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